Pig in a blanket (of snow).

Good morning! On my way out to the car this morning, our lovely front garden pig greeted me from underneath his fluffy white blanket. He didn’t look any more annoyed than he usually does. Wrap up, boys and girls, it’s cooooold out there!

Snow Day… At Last!

Sometimes you have to wait. I remember my cooperating teacher telling that to her class of third graders back when I was student teaching, aeons ago. It’s true. If you wait long enough, things happen. Not always things you want to happen, but still…

So, after hours of waiting and watching radar loops on Sunday, it finally began to snow! Not exactly a snow STORM; we only got about 5 inches. Our neighbors to the east in Kentucky and Tennessee got the real storm. But, one mustn’t be greedy. Our snowfall was beautiful, and enough to make the local school districts call it all off for a day.

Snowflakes fall against the backdrop of trees. Bonus: cardinal in the lower left corner!

We were ready. Cat food and bird food supplies were laid in. For the humans, there was plenty of coffee, tea, and half-and-half. After getting the multiple texts, phone calls, and emails letting us know that the university would be closed on Monday, Joe and I settled in to enjoy a day of quiet beauty. Joe even invited the birds up to the house for their meals:

Table for two… and a booster chair.

And, not one to sit still for long, Joe does a bit o’ shoveling.

Winter exercise!

Meanwhile, out back, the birds gather. Cardinals–bright red male and soft brown females–land right in the middle of the sunflower seeds and tuck in. Bluejays have a different method, announcing their approach with a loud cry, making a grand entrance with a flutter of wings, quickly grabbing one seed and then flying away to a nearby branch where they pound it open with their beak. House sparrows, juncos, chickadees, and titmice just try to stay out of the way. Usually there are a few squirrels in the mix, but so far, none. It won’t be long, though! You can depend on squirrels.

Birds at the back feeder. If birds come, can squirrels be far behind?

And so we spent a lovely snow day sipping coffee, reading, cuddling with cats, and watching the winter scene out our back windows. The NWS is forecasting some interesting winter weather for this weekend.


Maybe we’ll get another snow day next week? But, then, I wouldn’t want to be greedy…