Garden & Sky

First Frost

This morning we awoke to frost, the first real sign that we have left summer behind and wandered into the realm of fall. Yes, the leaves have been changing colors and dropping; yet many still cling to their branches, refusing to accept the reality of the situation. Many leaves are still green. Many flowers are still blooming. The temperature has fallen, then rebounded. It has been easy to look around and say, “Well, it’s not really here yet.”

But this morning, the National Weather Service says it’s clear and 27 F. Gazing out the back windows, I have to agree. The yard seems to have aged overnight: the vegetation is droopy and touched with a fuzzy whiteness. The sun rises bright in a pale blue sky. I grab my camera, slip into my yard shoes, and head out.

Our painted wood deck is slippery; careful stepping is required. In the herb garden, the sage and parsley leaves are outlined in white, highlighting every edge and vein.img_4200Across the yard in the raised beds, the remaining Thai pepper plants are similarly transformed. I crunch my way across the frosty grass to take a closer look. The red and green peppers, and even a small pale yellow flower, hang among the newly variegated foliage. 

The Weather Service says that this frost is two weeks later than last year. I wonder what the yearly variation typically is… if there is anything “typical” about the weather and climate anymore. 🍂

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