Garden & Sky

Pastel Sky

We’ve had a run of cool, clear weather this week, providing Nature with a wide open canvass on which to work. Just as I used to create masterpieces of sidewalk art using an array of colored chalk, Nature has chosen a palette of glowing pastels to paint the sky. img_4192

Most of the leaves are off the trees, although a few of the oaks and maples have strong, stubborn leaves that are not quite ready to head earthward, not ready to leave summer behind.


As I stepped outside this morning, about 50 crows were gathering in the tops of the cherry and cottonwood trees. Apparently, something big was afoot because there was much cawing and flapping and launching off branches only to return after circling a few times. We usually see only four or five “neighborhood” crows during the summer. This must have been the extended family. After a few minutes, they all took to the air and continued on their journey. Our backyard trees are merely “rest areas” along the bird skyway.crows


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