Garden & Sky

Sights of Fall

As the summer winds down and fall draws near, I always notice the changes in the light. Somehow the sunlight takes on a different hue; it’s more golden, warm in color if not in temperature. I’ve often wondered if I’d notice the difference if I didn’t already know what time of year it was. Maybe not. The change in seasons is multi-sensory. You smell it; you see it; you hear it; you feel it. It’s hard to know how much one sense affects the others. And, of course, the brain processes everything and puts an emotional and cognitive wrapper on every experience.

This week, the weather has been perfect. Cool, crisp mornings; warm afternoons and evenings. In the gardens, many things are still blooming, but much is starting to fade. I’m making plans for gathering seeds and taking a few things indoors. Most mornings, before leaving for work, I take a quick garden tour. I keep hoping to see a monarch caterpillar, or any butterfly larvae; but no luck. This year was not the year.

Here, though, are two things that did flourish this year. First, some beautiful purple asters. These were originally a gift and came to me in a small pot. For a while, they were a lovely table centerpiece.  When the blooms faded, I planted them outside and they have thrived!


Then, there are the tomatillos. They started the summer season strong and just keep coming. If only we could figure out exactly what we’ve done this year to please them. It’s a mystery. Next year, it might be an entirely different story. For now, thought, they continue to produce their little green Japanese lantern fruit and pretty much take over the place. Kind of look like Christmas ornaments, to me.


Soon, these will fade and dry up along with everything else. We’ll try to save seeds and see what happens in the spring!

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