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Garden Tour – July

July is the month where we realize that suddenly the summer is half over. How did that happen? Weren’t we just enjoying the lovely Memorial Day three-day weekend? It goes so fast. And the gardens seem to change suddenly, too. You leave for the weekend or a week and BAM… weeds, dried brown leaves, sagging stems, and squash bugs!! This is the time of the gardening season when the going gets tough, and the tough get weeding, and watering, and fertilizing, and clipping… July is the month that asks, “How bad do you want it?” “Do you REALLY want to garden?”  So, for those of us that say, “Yeah…. bring it on,” let’s take a look at the Rhea gardens this month.  First, the good news: Lillies!









Thanks to my aunt Caroline, we have a beautiful variety of lilies. Different colors, shapes, multiple layers of petals…. it’s amazing!




Also in the east side garden, we have some brilliant yellow black-eyed Susans. These originally came from my mom’s garden. We’ll collect seeds off these in the fall and spread the beauty.


Finally, this is some more Butterfly Weed, grown from seed this year. It’s doing really well–just about ready to bloom! So proud! Hoping to attract Monarchs, so we’re looking to add all sorts of milkweed to the gardens.


Baby Butterfly Weed

Well, that about wraps up July. Half-way through the summer… where does the time (thyme?) go? 🙂


There’s always more thyme…

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